English as an additional language

Language and Learning Philosophy

At River House Academy, communication is at the very heart of all student learning. As an international community school, we believe in an inclusive environment for students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. We value multilingualism as an important element of students’ overall cognitive development.

Language instruction is the responsibility of all the staff in the school and is delivered through an integrated approach that transcends disciplines. Teachers work with students to develop age-appropriate competencies in the core skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as in the soft skills needed to maximise interaction with people of differing cultures and experiences.

Language of Instruction

English is the primary language of instruction at River House Academy and our curriculum has been designed to nurture communication and literacy skills that encourage critical thinking, reflection and to promote a lifelong love of language. Teaching and learning are structured to inspire intellectual curiosity and to develop both academic and cognitive skills.

We appreciate English is an international language and the fact that there are many forms of English spoken in the international community but generally follow English rules on spelling and grammar in line with the Cambridge curriculum.

How Language is Implemented

Our philosophy is to promote fun, creative enquiry-based language learning where the development of speaking, listening and soft skills are clearly a fully integrated aspect of daily life within the school community.

River House Academy recognises the trans-disciplinary nature of language learning and as such, all students are encouraged to develop their English language skills using texts, visual and aural aids, contextual understanding, processes and strategies.

SPECIFIC EAL (English as an Additional Language) HELP

Students  will be assessed by the end of their first week to determine their requirements. Our primary aim is to ensure that all students achieve sufficient competency in English to be included in all classroom activities, and to feel comfortable in social situations. In order to achieve this, support will be provided in EAL specific sessions, which will be frequently assessed so that full class integration can be achieved as soon as possible.

At River House Academy, we realise that our international students may be weaker in one language area and so offer targeted assistance and support.

Please see the costs for the additional sessions on our Fees page.

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