Our diet consists of:

Mainly vegetarian (one fish meal every 2 weeks)

Low dairy

Low sugar

Low salt & only good salt

Low wheat

No deep fat frying

Brown rather than white

Calcium rich

High fibre

Raw and green with every meal

Week 1


Tarka dal palak (type of dal & veggies to vary), brown local rice, raita (to vary), pickle, Indian-style salad


Spanish omelette, mixed leafy salad with veggies, chickpeas & seeds, brown bread & butter 


Paneer veggie masala, brown local rice, raita, pickle, Indian-style salad 


Vegetable & tofu sesame stir fry, brown local rice, carrot, beetroot, sultana & orange salad 


Jacket potatoes, fresh baked beans, curd, mixed leafy salad with veggies & seeds 

Week 2


Chana veggie masala (types of veggies to vary), brown local rice, raita (to vary), pickle, salad


Shepherdess pie, steamed green veg (to vary), veggie sticks


Fish rawa fry, veg curry (varies each week), brown rice 


Veggie burger, wliced tomato & lettuce, whole wheat roll, mixed leaf salad with veggies, pomegranate & seeds


Pasta, tomato & veg sauce (sauces to vary), mixed leafy salad with veggies & seeds 

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Headteacher: Ellie Cottrell info@riverhouseacademy.com www.riverhouseacademy.com
River House Academy,
House No. 23 Mangan,
Canacona, Goa,
403702, India

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Monday - Friday
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