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River House Primary follows a curriculum which is underpinned by international guidelines.   We use the Cambridge International Curriculum for Maths, English and Science.  To ensure we are meeting the needs of all our children we use Individual Learning Plans for Maths and English.  This way we can set individual targets which take into consideration the different pace and style in which we all learn.  Children are generally put into a class according to their age.  However Maths and English classes run at the same times throughout the primary timetable to allow fluidity between classes so that children can move up or down according to their needs

In addition children have classes in Our World, PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education), Hindi, yoga, sport, art and craft, drama, music, dance, cooking and gardening.  Our creative, afternoon sessions do not all necessarily run all year; we have specialist teachers who come in and teach 6-12 week modules.  In Our World we focus on a different country each month and learn about the history, geography, religion, culture, people and customs of that part of the world.  Our country can also influence what we study in our afternoon creative sessions such as art, craft and music.

Each class has its own teacher who starts every day with them.  Children in classes 2 and 4 will spend most of the week with their class teacher. In Class 6 we begin to introduce specialist teachers for certain lessons such as Maths and English.  The school day starts at 9 am and goes through to 3 pm with an hour for lunch.  We have academic classes in the morning and then dedicate our afternoons to the creative side of our curriculum. Work is assessed using observation and formative assessment and we are in regular contact with our parents.  As well as two parents’ evenings a year, teachers take every opportunity to informally showcase student work throughout the year.  These are excellent opportunities for parents to chat with each other and with teachers.

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Headteacher: Ellie Cottrell info@riverhouseacademy.com www.riverhouseacademy.com
River House Academy,
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