River House Secondary


Following on from River House Primary, our Secondary School continues to provide a dynamic and engaging curriculum but moves things up a level.

Traditionally academic, teacher-led learning in Maths, English and Science (following the Cambridge International Board) as well as Languages, Sport, Creative and Performing Arts, Humanities and Technology are combined with a more student-led experience in our Community Enterprise and Personal Project curriculum.   These two modules are designed to provide opportunities for students in the holistic aspects of their learning such as: learning from mistakes; positivity; self-awareness; team-work; research; extended writing; presentation skills; critical thinking and problem solving. In Community Enterprise they will study their rights and responsibilities in the wider world, including the role of money and entrepreneurship in order to then investigate, debate and engage with issues of local importance. The Personal Project will give students the chance to choose an area that they wish to investigate further.  They may choose to explore topics such as sustainable living, the digital world, food or sport.  They will be individually mentored throughout the project.

Progress will be tracked and recorded using formative assessment methods. The school day runs from 9 am to 3 pm with 1 hour for lunch. Work will be differentiated to meet the individual needs of this mixed-age class.


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Headteacher: Ellie Cottrell info@riverhouseacademy.com www.riverhouseacademy.com
River House Academy,
House No. 342/25 Chapolim,
Canacona, Goa,
403702, India

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