How do you ensure you are meeting individual, academic needs within your mixed-age classes?

Although we have mixed age classes, our class sizes are small, a maximum of 15 which is a manageable size for our teachers. All children have an Individual Learning Plan for Maths and English which is developed after an initial assessment by the class teacher. Targets will be set and agreed between the teacher and pupil and are measurable and reviewed regularly.

How can parents follow their child’s progress?

Parents are invited into school the last Friday of every month for chai and cake and can informally chat to teachers. They also have a chance to look through the work that their child has done that month. We have two parent-teacher consultations scheduled in for the school year, but should you wish to have another formal chat with a teacher, you can make an appointment for after 3.00 pm. A comprehensive school report will also be issued at the end of your child’s time with us.

Are parents encouraged to get involved?

Please do! As a Community School, we enjoy working closely with parents and other local friends and entrepreneurs. As such, we are always open to offers of assistance from willing parents – from sharing skills in IT, media, design, drama, dance, music and sport (to name but a few), to getting involved in the more day-to-day activities such as reading, gardening or cooking.

Do you have a PTA?

River House PTA has been established to provide a forum where parents, teachers and school staff can come together to support the school and become actively involved in school life. Its role is to take some responsibilities and pressure off the River House school staff team and to ultimately assist in making River House Academy the best it can possibly be.  If you wish to be involved in our PTA please contact us on PTA@riverhouseacademy.com

My child does not speak English as their first language. What support could you offer them?

There are TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teachers employed by River House to work with any pupils who need some extra support with their English language.

The TEFL teachers work with pupils in several ways. Once a needs assessment has been made with the class teacher, a programme will be set. The TEFL teacher will either support the pupil within the classroom or will offer one-to-one or small group teaching where appropriate.

Please alert us to your child’s need for additional support, as places are limited.

What is your admissions policy?

We accept applications throughout the whole year. We prefer children to start at the beginning of the school year, but providing we have the space, we will accept children at other times. We give priority to children staying long term.

To apply, please fill out our Application form and we will contact you.

What creative activities will you be offering?

Our creative activities will be varied, interesting and fun and will include art, drama, dance, music and cooking. We focus on environmental and sustainability issues and these will feature heavily in our curriculum. We have land all around our property and the children are involved in gardening and planting projects to produce as much organic food as we can to support our lunchtime menus. If anyone has any creative skills and would like to get involved or suggest a project, please contact us.
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