The Team

          Ellie Cottrell (Head Teacher)


Ellie Cottrell is the founder and head teacher of River House Academy.

Ellie taught for 11 years in Norwich, England where she worked with students with a wide range of skills and abilities. She enjoyed finding innovative ways of engaging learners so that they reached their full potential: academically, creatively and socially.

Having two children of her own, Ellie is clear that a rounded education must offer a balance between academic achievement and creative expression.

This balance is the defining strength of River House Academy.

    Sam Durrant (Deputy Head Teacher)

Sam has been a teacher at River House Academy since its very beginning.

Sam taught French for many years in the UK at comprehensives in London before moving to Norfolk. He has mainly specialised in pastoral care at Key Stage 4, including administering GCSE exams for 16 year olds at all ability levels. His passion for travel and new challenges brought him to Goa where he has now been settled for 3 years.

Sam believes in educating the ‘whole child’, providing experiences and opportunities that nurture the strengths and potential that he knows all young people have. River House Academy is the perfect place for him to practise this educational vision and continue learning to be an even better teacher.

  Sangeetha Ashok (Head of Pre-school)

Sangeetha is a creative teacher who enjoys working with children.

She likes the simplicity and ego-free mind of children, connecting with each child at an emotional level to understand them, their learning process and learn with them as they grow and develop.

She holds a Masters degree in food science and nutrition and while consulting as a lifestyle coach, worked in a school in Bangalore where she taught art and discovered her real passion to work with younger children.

Currently, she’s training to be a certified Montessori teacher and is also pursuing her TESOL certification.

     Rallika Komarpant (Class Teacher)


Rallika has a BEd in Mathematics and a Masters in Accountancy and Finance from Goa University.

She joined River House Academy in 2014, attracted by the creative attitude towards learning and sense of community. She feels privileged to work in a school that provides a high quality education for every child at the same time as guiding their personal growth and well-being.

Rallika will continue to contribute to the successful growth of River House Academy in both the local and wider communities alongside the development of her teaching skills.

      Resha Varik (Support Co-ordinator)

Our team at River House Academy is made up of fully qualified teachers from Europe, India and the USA. We also have TEFL support teachers and a small team looking after our office and kitchen.

Our staff are committed to working within the ethos of River House Academy, to ensure that our children receive the best education possible within a holistic, nurturing environment.

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