1.  What is the admissions process?

Submit an application form from the website and we will get back to you with further information, including an invoice with payment details. 

2. When should I apply?

You can apply at any point, we start to offer places from March for the following academic year.  Short term places (less than 6 months) will only be offered from June.

3. Will my child need to take any assessments when applying for admission?

If your child does not have English as a first language they will be required to take an English assessment before being offered a place. 


  1.  My child does not speak very much English. Can they attend your school?  If so, what support do you offer?

All students who have English as a second language will be required to take an English assessment prior to being offered a place.  If they are offered a place they may receive additional support with their English by qualified EAL (English as an Additional Language) teachers, either within the classroom or in separate, smaller groups. 

2. I see from your website that you offer Spanish in Secondary school.  My child has already started learning another language, can they continue this instead of Spanish?

We encourage all students to study Spanish as this is the second language we have chosen to offer at River House. However, occasionally we have allowed students to study their own second language independently.


  1.  How do you assess student progress?

Assessment is usually formative and ongoing, with regular feedback shared between the teacher and student. The only summative assessment given is in Years 10 and 11 when sitting IGCSE exams.

2. Will my child have to sit exams?

In Year 11 students sit externally assessed, international exams accredited by Cambridge.  Further down the school however students do not sit tests or exams.

3. Will my child have homework?

Homework is introduced in our Secondary school, from age 11.  No homework is given to our primary age students, other than encouraging them to read!


  1.  What subjects will my child study?

All children study core subjects of Maths, English, Science and Humanities.  From Year 7 children start to learn Spanish. In addition students have classes in PSHE, sport and a range of creative classes.

2. Which creative activities do you offer?

We offer many creative activities, including art, craft, gardening, cooking, dance and music.

3. Do you run after school clubs?

We do not generally run after school clubs, however there are many clubs in the community for children to attend.

Student support

  1.  Will my child have the same teacher for every subject?

Primary students will have the same teacher for all of their core subjects.  In Secondary            school we have subject specialist teachers.

2. Who should my child speak to if they need help with something?

Each class in school has a designated class teacher and children should speak to their class teacher if they need help with something.  


  1.  Will my child need to bring a laptop to school?

Laptops are compulsory for secondary school because secondary school teachers set up a lot of their work on google classrooms. Laptops will be used in class for accessing material on Google classrooms, carrying out research, using online resources to support learning, carrying out online studies during Personal Project lessons etc.  This means that every Year 7/8/9/10 and 11 will need to bring a laptop or tablet (not their phone) into school every day. We will have a secure cupboard where they can be stored during the day when not in use. 

2. Can my child carry their phone with them?

Phones are not allowed in school.


  1.  Do you provide lunch?

Yes. We do provide lunch everyday in the school. The lunch has been specially designed to provide fully balanced, nutritional meals  to children and teachers with a view to encouraging everyone to try new dishes, expand their taste buds and develop a love for good food. It is a two week rolling menu. We all eat lunch together in the dining hall and this is an important part of our community building at River House. Most of all meals are vegetarian except for one day when we have fish However, vegetarian and vegan options are available on request.

2. Should my child bring snacks to school?

There should be no need for children to bring any of their own food and drinks with them. However, if they should choose to do so, please ensure that they don’t bring sweets, crisps, biscuits, sugary drinks etc.

3. Do you provide drinking water?

Yes, we ensure that filtered drinking water is always available. Reusable cups are also kept near the water filter. However, students are advised to bring in a reusable water bottle to school so that they don’t have to share the cups.


  1.  Do you have a school bus?

No, transportation is to be arranged by the parents.

2. Can I take my child on holiday during term time?

It would be great if you can plan your holidays around the school holidays but in case travel on school days is inevitable, please inform the school of any planned leave.  

3. What should I do if my child is sick?

Please keep the child away from school when they are sick as this will help us prevent the sickness from spreading. Also, please inform our administration staff about the leave as soon as you can. 


General Terms & Conditions


These terms & conditions form a legally binding agreement made between you and River House Academy

Admission fee
There is an admission fee of Rs.7500 charged as a one time non-refundable payment to reserve the place.  Until this has been paid the child’s place will not be confirmed.  

Administration Fee
There is an annual administration fee of Rs. 2500 per child made at the time of enrolment.

Before your child starts you will be required to fill out an enrolment form and sign our terms & conditions form. The link for the enrolment form will be sent to you a couple of weeks before they start.

Once you have submitted an admissions form you will receive an invoice which outlines exactly what needs to be paid throughout the year and when payments need to be made.

Late fees
Any late fees will be subject to late payment charges of Rs.100 per day.

Sibling discount
A discount of 10 % will be given for your 2nd child and 30% on the 3rd and any subsequent siblings.

Personal holidays and absence
There are no fee discounts available for holidays or absences (including illness) from the school. Where possible please try to avoid taking holidays during the school term. Before booking your trip, it is essential that you check with the school to avoid missing important dates.

Notice of leaving
When you enrol your child at the academy you are required to give your attendance dates. Should your departure date be brought forward, you will be expected to pay according to your original dates given at enrolment.

Do not bring your child into school if they are ill, or are showing signs of being ill. If your child becomes ill at school, a Parent/Guardian will be contacted and asked to collect your child. Please text, email or telephone in the morning to let the Headteacher know if your child will be absent from school due to illness and what the illness is if it could potentially affect others. All medication must be brought in by a Parent/Guardian with clear instructions as to how and when it should be administered. Please do not allow your child to come to school with medication in their bag. Please check your child regularly for head lice. If we discover your child has head lice, they will be sent home from school and not allowed to return until the head lice have been treated.

Valuable items (including all electronic devices)
Valuable items, including all electronic devices, are not allowed to be brought into school. Children in the Secondary class may bring in a mobile phone but it should be kept in their bag at all times. We do not accept any responsibility for any items that are brought in.

School opening times
School lessons start at 9am. Please ensure your children arrive at school between 8.45 am-8.55am so that lessons can start promptly. If you are going to be late, please let us know. There will be no adult supervision before 8.45am. Please be aware that staff are busy at this time preparing for the day. Should you wish to speak to a member of staff please do so at 3pm or by prior appointment.

Collection from school
Children need to be collected from the school building at 3pm. Please let us know If someone else will be collecting your child from school.

Unexpected school closure 
Occasionally the school may be forced to close due to unforeseen circumstances in the interest of health and safety. In such cases, you will be informed by Whatsapp as early as possible.

Contacting the school
Should you need to contact somebody at school please message the school phone only, during office hours. Please do not contact staff on their personal numbers.

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