River House Academy Fees

We anticipate the majority of students will wish to enrol with us for the entire year. However, we are aware that some parents will prefer to enrol for a shorter period of time.

To help you choose the enrollment period suitable to your requirements we have laid out our fees below. These are intended to be indicative only.

In addition to our tuition fees, there are also registration and administrative fees which may be applicable. 

There are also discounts available based, for example, on the number of siblings enrolled, the length of time you enrol, and, on occasion, for an upfront payment of fees in their entirety.

Due to the limited resources available and given the individual requirements of each family, the precise fees (including all charges, taxes and discounts) applicable to you will be conveyed to you at the same time as a place is offered and only if a place is offered.

Whole Year Students

For those parents and students who know they will be with us for the whole academic year the following fees apply:



Primary School


Secondary School


  • Initial down payment of 50,000 per student enrolled

  • The remainder of the fees can be paid for in up to six instalments (as per RHA’s discretion)

  • The final instalment is due no later than March of the same academic year

  • Non-refundable*

  • Commitment is for the entire fee as per RHA’s offer to you**

Term Students

For those parents and students who aren’t sure if they will be with us for the whole year, but are sure they will be with us for at least a term and are sure they can join us at or near the start of a term, the following fees (shown annualised for comparison purposes) apply:


First Term (Aug) ₹92’000
Second Term (Jan) ₹92’000
Third Term (April) ₹46‘000
Annualised Total ₹2’30,000

Primary School

First Term (Aug) ₹1’12,000
Second Term (Jan) ₹1’12,000
Third Term (April) ₹56‘000
Annualised Total ₹2,80,000

Secondary School

First Term (Aug) ₹1’36,000
Second Term (Jan) ₹1’36,000
Third Term (April) ₹68‘000

Annualised Total 3,40,000

  • Each term is to be paid for in its entirety in advance for the first sibling

  • Additional siblings are to be paid for in monthly instalments in advance the number of which are as per RHA’s discretion.

  • Non-refundable*

  • Commitment is for the entire fee as per RHA’s offer to you**

  • Termly rates will not be pro-rata

  • For any partial period of a term attended, the weekly rate (as laid out in the “Visiting Student” section below) will be applied as per the number of weeks attended during the partial period

  • Only in the case where the “Term rate” is the lesser amount when compared to the “Weekly Rate” – as may be the case for a student who only misses the first couple of weeks of term – will the “Term rate” be applied, but it will be applied in its entirety

We strongly encourage all parents who wish to take advantage of our termly rates to ensure students join us at the start of term. Our terms commence in the months of August, January, and April (see school calendar for precise dates).

In the event that your travel arrangements are such that it is not possible to join us at the start of term, then, subject to available places, students may be permitted to join during term-time. In such instances, fees will be calculated in advance on a case by case basis.

Visiting Students

Some parents want to enrol students for a period less than a term or a period spanning two partial terms, in this case, we have special weekly rates.


Weekly Rate ₹8,750
8 week period (min) ₹70,000
Annualised Total ₹3,15,000

Primary School

Weekly Rate ₹10,000
8 week period (min) ₹80,000
Annualised Total ₹3,60,000

Secondary School

Weekly Rate ₹12,000
8 week period (min) ₹96,000
Annualised Total ₹4’32,000
  • Eight weeks of fees to be paid in advance for the first sibling. Four weeks for second and subsequent siblings

  • Non-refundable*

  • Commitment is for the entire fee as per RHA’s offer to you**

  • Minimum 8 weeks (or longer) enrollment period***

  • Enrollment is for consecutive weeks only****


We offer 10% sibling discount for the second and any subsequent siblings

Additional Fees

Rs.7500 admissions fee (non-refundable). To be paid when we offer a place at RHA.  Place will not be confirmed until paid.

Rs. 2500 annual administration fee. To be paid at enrolment.

Rs.1000 per week EAL (English as an Additional Language). RHA will determine whether, and for how long, a student will require additional English language support.

IGCSE students in Years 10 and 11 are required to pay for all course textbooks and exam fees.

IMPORTANT - Notes on how we calculate and apply your fees

With additional flexibility comes additional complexity. RHA will calculate your fees (including all charges and discounts) on a case by case basis at the same time that we make an offer of a place at RHA. Someone at the school will be happy to talk through any questions arising at that time. Please note, however, once a place at RHA has been accepted it is taken to mean you have understood the fees and how they are applied. Clarifications and amendments cannot be applied subsequently, even if it transpires the extent and nature of the commitment was not fully realised by you when the agreement was signed.

In some cases, the fees applicable to you will be calculated on a “blended” basis. For example, a student joining us for the last few weeks of the August term and remaining with us for the entirety of the January term will have their fees for the first few weeks calculated at the “Visiting Students” rate, and for the January term calculated at the “Term Students” rate. 

We will always endeavour to calculate the best value fees as per your preferred attendance dates. In some cases, we may point out that by adjusting your dates a little bit you could take advantage of a different and better value enrolment period. But, subject to the availability of places, the final decision on attendance dates is your own.

It may be the case that your plans change and you decide to stay longer with us than originally planned. In such a situation please communicate your change of plans as early as possible to the school. Assuming there are places available for your child and entirely at the discretion of the school, it may be possible to adjust your fees such that you pay a lesser amount as per your new attendance dates.

You and/or your partner are solely responsible for ensuring fees are paid in full and on time as per our agreement. RHA will not accept any excuse for late or missing payments.

RHA has a code of conduct and standards expected of all our students. In the extreme and rare case that a student is asked to leave RHA no refunds will be made available.

Finally, after attendance begins, in the event that there is a dispute over fees and you disagree with how we have assessed fees, then as per our regulations, there is an appeals process to be followed. In the first instance, there will be an interview with the parent representative of the school. In the second instance, if the dispute cannot be adequately resolved with the parent representative, then the matter may be raised to the Board of Governors who will look at it and make the final decision. Their decision may not be appealed.

* Fees are non-refundable in any circumstance except at the entire and sole discretion of RHA.

** At the time RHA makes an offer of a place to you, the fee covering the entire period of enrollment will be conveyed. When you accept the offer you commit to the entire fee. 

*** Periods of less than eight weeks enrollment may be available, but entirely and at the sole discretion of RHA. In the case where a student attends for an eight week period, leaves and returns at a later date, a new minimum eight week period of enrollment will be required unless by prior arrangement with RHA.

**** Consecutive attendance: It is not possible to sign up for eight weeks, attend for a four week period, leave for a couple of weeks, and return for another four weeks. The two absent weeks will be tallied against the total eight weeks signed up for.

General Terms & Conditions


These terms & conditions form a legally binding agreement made between you and River House Academy

You are required to pay a non-refundable one month fee as a deposit to hold your child’s place once your application has been accepted. This amount will be deducted from your final month’s payment. This payment can be made via Transferwise or into our River House Academy bank account.

Admission fee
For the first year, there will be an admission fee charged as a one time non-refundable payment of Rs.5000 per child, made at the time of enrolment.

Administration Fee
From year two onwards, there will be an annual administration fee of Rs. 2500 per child made at the time of enrolment.

The day your child starts school, you will be required to fill out an enrolment form and sign our terms & conditions form. Please also bring two passport photos and a copy of your child’s passport and current visa.

Fee payment date

Please pay your first month’s fees on or before the day your child starts school. You are required to pay your fees at the start of each month. You will be invoiced on the 25th of each month and payment is due by the last day of the month for the next month. In addition, you are required to pay the last month’s fee’s at enrolment. 

Fee payments
If your child starts mid-month your fees are due to be paid at enrolment, for the remaining period of that month. If your child starts mid-week, you will be charged for the full week. Children who leave mid-month will be charged for the entire month.

Late fees
Any late fees will be subject to late payment charges of Rs.100 per day.

Yearly payment
If you pay the fees for your child’s full stay in advance you will receive a 5% discount.

Sibling discount
A discount of 10 % will be given for your 2nd and 3rd child.

Personal holidays and absence
There are no fee discounts available for holidays or absences (including illness) from the school. Where possible please try to avoid taking holidays during the school term. Before booking your trip, it is essential that you check with the school to avoid missing important dates.

Notice of leaving
When you enrol your child at the academy you are required to give your attendance dates. Should your departure date be brought forward, you will be expected to pay according to your original dates given at enrolment.

Do not bring your child into school if they are ill, or are showing signs of being ill. If your child becomes ill at school, a Parent/Guardian will be contacted and asked to collect your child. Please text, email or telephone in the morning to let the Headteacher know if your child will be absent from school due to illness and what the illness is if it could potentially affect others. All medication must be brought in by a Parent/Guardian with clear instructions as to how and when it should be administered. Please do not allow your child to come to school with medication in their bag. Please check your child regularly for head lice. If we discover your child has head lice, they will be sent home from school and not allowed to return until the head lice have been treated.

Valuable items (including all electronic devices)
Valuable items, including all electronic devices, are not allowed to be brought into school. Children in the Secondary class may bring in a mobile phone but it should be kept in their bag at all times. We do not accept any responsibility for any items that are brought in.

School opening times
School lessons start at 9am. Please ensure your children arrive at school between 8.45 am-8.55am so that lessons can start promptly. If you are going to be late, please let us know. There will be no adult supervision before 8.45am. Please be aware that staff are busy at this time preparing for the day. Should you wish to speak to a member of staff please do so at 3pm or by prior appointment.

Collection from school
Children need to be collected from the school building. Please let us know If someone else will be collecting your child from school.

Unexpected school closure Occasionally the school may be forced to close due to unforeseen circumstances in the interest of health and safety. In such cases, you will be informed by text as early as possible.


We are committed to reopening River House as soon as we are able to, with the necessary precautions in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students and staff. River House Governors have decided a potential start date of November 2nd, 2020 and we are currently all working towards this.

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